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Fiqh al-Islami: Salah

Course Overview

This course will cover the fiqh, or legal rulings, of prayer based on a significant portion of Shaykh Akram’s book, Fiqh al-Islami. This course comprehensively covers obligations and recommendations related to the prayer, including the many differences which exist among the various schools of Islamic law and how we should handle such differences.

In addition to the legal discussions, the course brings to life the Quran’s guidance regarding prayer, making it essential viewing for anyone hoping to improve the quality of their prayer, and hence their connection with Allah.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • Identify whom the prayer is and isn’t obligatory upon
    • Internalise the Quran’s guidance regarding prayer
    • Understand the timings of the prayer including their origins, practicalities and the logic behind them
    • Understand the fiqh of the Athan as well as its origins
    • Understand the fiqh of salah as it pertains to women
    • Recognize the fard (obligations), the rukun (pillars), the disliked actions, and nullifiers of prayer
    • Identify the correct physical movements within prayer
    • Understand the fiqh of congregational prayer, Friday prayer, and praying during travel

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