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Introduction to Arabic Grammar


Course Overview

In this introduction to Arabic grammar, the text (‘Mabadi al-Nahw’) will be read in Arabic along with its translation, commentary and relevance to the wider field. There will be some discussion on the development of ‘Nahw’ as an independent field of study, with a focus on the different grammatical rules and patterns of the Arabic language.


Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. identify the components of sentences
  2. demonstrate competency in the different forms and classifications of nouns and sentences
  3. demonstrate competency in the particles of ma’, inn, la’
  4. demonstrate an insightful understanding of the Arabic system of nominal and adjective suffixes of classical Arabic (i’rab)
  5. gain good knowledge of the structure of verbs, nouns, and particles
  6. recognise and apply classification of word forms and knowledge of words and constructions
  7. demonstrate basic knowledge of conditions for construction of verbs and nouns
  8. attain measurable improvement in reading, writing and comprehension skills


Course Content:

  1. Classification of sentences (verbal, nominal, negative, prohibitive, interrogative, copulative, adversative and others)
  2. The composition and parts of a complete sentence
  3. Subject and predicate of sentences
  4. Derivation of the noun substantive and adjective
  5. Denominative nouns
  6. Gender of the nouns
  7. Government of nouns
  8. The sentence and its parts
  9. Rules related the usage of particles (ma’, inn, la’, etc)
  10. Al-mudaf and mudaf alayh (Possession and Possessor) meanings and articulation
  11. Comparisons and examples of active and passive participants
  12. Nominative, accusative and genitive case of the noun
  13. Adjectives and their classifications
  14. Nouns ending with long vowels and their classifications




Course Reviews


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  1. Excellent overview of grammar


    One day intensive on most of the common rules in grammar. It was covered in a very simplistic manner which is always welcoming for arabic students. Prior arabic knowledge is a must for anyone thinking of undertaking this course.

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