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Introduction to Arabic Grammar


Course Overview

In this introduction to Arabic grammar, the text (‘Mabadi al-Nahw’) will be read in Arabic along with its translation, commentary and relevance to the wider field. This book is part of a series of primers which introduce students to the Islamic Sciences. There will be some discussion on the development of ‘Nahw’ as an independent field of study, with a focus on the different grammatical rules and patterns of the Arabic language.


Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate competency in the different forms and classifications of nouns and sentences
  • demonstrate an insightful understanding of the Arabic system of nominal and adjective suffixes of classical Arabic (i’rab)
  • gain good knowledge of the structure of verbs, nouns, and particles
  • recognise and apply classification of word forms and knowledge of words and constructions



Course Reviews


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  1. Excellent overview of grammar


    One day intensive on most of the common rules in grammar. It was covered in a very simplistic manner which is always welcoming for arabic students. Prior arabic knowledge is a must for anyone thinking of undertaking this course.

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