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Marriage and Family Life


Course Overview

This course focuses on the rights and duties of married couples. The contemporary issues and problems that are associated with marriage will be analysed from a social and legal perspective, whilst providing solutions from an Islamic perspective. Additionally, the essentials of Islamic law pertaining to the family will be covered.

The course is an essential guide for those looking to get married and those looking to bring their marriage closer to the prophetic example.


Course Objectives

To enable students to:

  • Understand the Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) relating to marriage and family life
  • Endeavour for a successful and blessed marriage
  • Provide counsel to friends, family and neighbours


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  • Understand the Islamic objective of marriage
  • Understand the Fiqh of marriage, family life and divorce
  • Understand the rights and duties of husband and wife
  • Understand the rights and duties of parent and child
  • Understand how best to raise children in modern world
  • Confidently and proactively deal with marriage proposals
  • Understand how best to attain a successful and blessed family life


Course Content

  • Free-Mixing and Segregation
  • Avoiding Illicit Desire
  • Monasticism
  • Marriage in the 21st Century
  • Secret marriage
  • Kafa’ah (Compatibility)
  • Aims and objectives of marriage in Islam
  • Marriage to the People of the Book
  • Mut’ah (Temporary Marriage)
  • Polygamy/Polygyny/Polyandry
  • The Husband-Wife Relationship
  • Birth Control
  • Abortion
  • Circumcision and FGM
  • Divorce
  • Alimony and Child Support
  • The Parent-Child Relationship
  • Raising children in modern world
  • Naming Children
  • Aqeeqah
  • Adoption in Islam
  • Non-Muslim Parents

Course Reviews


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  1. Comprehensive!!!


    Very important course for anyone planning to get married. The sheikh makes some interesting and valid points regarding how one should approach the whole concept of marriage.

    It seems like the last session is missing.

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