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Tafsir of Surah Taha

Course Overview

This course covers the entirety of Surah Taha offering ayah by ayah explanations as well as relevance to Muslims today. The story of Musa is explored in great detail, particularly his engagement with the Bani Israel and Firaun. The encounter between Adam, Hawwa, and Iblis in Heaven is also examined in detail. The significance of these stories to the life of the Prophet, and their enduring relevance to believers today, is discussed. The surah’s themes of patience, avoidance of haste in worship, how to deal with tribulation, and reliance upon Allah are explicated. Special attention is given to Musa and Harun’s approach to da‘wah, how they framed their arguments, dealt with hostility, and their approach to conveying the core message and meanings of Islam. There is also substantial semantic, grammatical and linguistic analysis of the original Arabic of the surah.

The tafsir of Surah Taha will enable one to not only understand and connect with the rich legacy of Musa, Harun, Adam, and Muhammad ﷺ but to also apply those lessons regarding patience, worship, and da‘wah.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Learn the various themes throughout Surah Taha
  • Differentiate between the types of stories within the Quran
  • Recognize why stories are used in the Quran
  • Identify how Surah Kahf and Maryam connect to Surah Taha
  • Gain a nuanced understanding of Musa, Harun, and Bani Israel’s story
  • Identify how Musa approached Firaun in da‘wah
  • Recognize the relevance of the Quran’s stories to the Prophet and the believers
  • Appreciate the story of Adam and Hawwa and the lessons it offers
  • Understand why severe trials exist and their greater meaning in Islam
  • Learn how to get the best possible guidance from the Qur’an


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