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The Beautiful Names of God

Course Overview

This course uses Allah’s 99 Names as a starting point for exploring our attachment to and understanding of Him, including

  • A discussion on what it means to truly know Allah
  • An explanation of the hadith of Allah’s 99 Names
  • The meaning of the word “Allah” as well as its origin
  • An explication upon the four common categorizations of Allah’s attributes
  • An introduction to shirk or polytheism and its spiritual causes and impact
  • A discussion regarding the nature of Iman and ʿAqeedah
  • The usage of Allah’s names and attributes in the Quran and how to use those to perfect our prayers to him
  • A discussion on freewill, predestination, and Allah’s attributes

As is clear from the content listed above, this is a course not to be missed by those seeking to deepen their knowledge, love and awe of their Creator, and to bring the impact of this into their daily lives.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Recognise the effective and ineffective ways of knowing Allah
  • Assess the relevancy of rational proofs in understanding Allah
  • Understand the meaning of the hadith mentioning Allah’s 99 names
  • Recognise how to use Allah’s names in supplication
  • Compare and contrast the various categorizations of Allah’s attributes
  • Recognize the nature of shirk and its spiritual origins
  • Gain a better understanding of Iman,ʿAqeedah and the difference between them
  • Understand how Allah’s attributes pertain to freewill and predestination

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