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The Concept of Tawhid in Islam

Course Overview

The course explores the concept of tawhid and its central role within Islam. A detailed analysis of the shahada is used to assist in understanding Allah through His attributes and to identify a basic relationship between the Creator and the creation. Guidelines are given to better understand Allah such as recognizing His uniqueness as well as reading divine scriptures with their purpose in mind. The clarity of tawhid as well as its later obfuscation is explained. The path to worshipping and recognizing Allah is detailed using Islamic scriptures. The story of Ibrahim within the Quran is explored and detailed to provide context and clarity to tawhid. The course also details the intricately wound relationship obeying, worshipping, and loving Allah. Detailed explication of each of those aspects are given. The nature of belief in Islam, philosophical arguments for faith, and taqwa are also explained.

  • Learn the concept of tawhid and its centrality to Islam
  • Understand the significance of the shahada and its encapsulation of tawhid
  • Explore our relationship with Allah by understanding His names ar-Rabb and al-Ilah
  • Understand the manner in which divine scripture describes Allah
  • Learn the proper means to understand and implement tawhid in their lives
  • Be able to identify the significance of Ibrahim’s argument for tawhid

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