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The Quran Intensive


Course Overview

This seminar series covers the Quran in such a manner that prepares students for personal reflection and study. The journey with the Quran is a lifelong endeavour, and one that we strive to continually improve upon. In this unique intensive with Shaykh Akram Nadwi, we hope to introduce the Quran, its chapters, style and address, to students and equip them with the tools to continue to grow in their personal relationship with the Book of Allah.


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the nature between the Quran and our fitrah (innate human nature)
  • Read the Quran with an appropriate internal and external approach
  • Understand the chapter arrangement and progression within the Quran, as well as the major themes that are explored within the chapters of the Quran
  • Strengthen their relationship with the Quran during Ramadan


Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    I really enjoyed the Quran Intensive. I didn’t think about my age (63 years old). It is for all ages.
    This is the learning more and understand in depth on Quran and the Sunnah. It is Ramadan and
    what better time to have blessings.
    Rashidah Munir
    Houston, Texas

  2. Excellent introduction


    JazakAllah o Khairan Dr Nadwi for such an excellent introduction towards understanding Quran Hakim. It will help the keen Quran students a long way in developing their relationship with the Prophet SAW and Allah SWT. May Allah grant us a true understanding of His words and strength to act on His words.

  3. 5

    Alhamdulillah, I can’t thank you enough to Dr. Akram and the ASI team for the knowledge shared and this platform that’s made available worldwide. The pandemic COVID-19 is really a rahmah for me to continue searching for the best and accurate source of Farahi’s method in understanding Al-Quran that has helped my study a lot biiznillah. May Allah reward everyone who has connected me to Shaykh and this beneficial resource. The Quran Intensive is really a starter-up to keep learning and discovering how the Quran is (actually) a Nazm or a system, that it is the systematic guidance that gathers every single thing, info, facts, and particularly the light to the right path as a manual of life. TQ Allah. JazakumAllah wa baarokallaahufiekum.

  4. Excellent as always


    This is a very brief overview as expected in the amount of time, but with Shaykh Akram the best bits tend to be in between the tafseer when talks about us and the Qur’an. Melts the heart and shows how far we have to go. He is unique in his understanding. May Allah preserve him.

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